Good dogs only deserve the best. If you’re of that opinion, then it pays to be picky with your treats. Here are some of the finest gourmet offerings on the market and why owners and dogs alike love them. 

Wagg Training Treats

If it’s a training treat that you’re after, with a low-calorie content to make it easier to use for reinforcing good behaviour repeatedly, then these chewy yogurt-filled treats can do just that. Don’t worry, there’s no added sugar to the yogurt bits, either. 

Barking Heads Apple Naffles

These baked treats are a totally original recipe with lots of impactful flavours, with natural ingredients like apple, vanilla & cinnamon. Even better, they can be bought in individual batches or at a lower price alongside different types of regular dog food at Barking Heads, so it’s easy to make sure your pup gets everything they need. 

Isle of Dogs 100% Natural Mini Health Dog Treats

If you’re like many other owners who have done their research on their food, then you might worry about having too many “filler” carbs in their diet. However, carbs are still an essential part of a dog’s healthy growth, so these whole food ingredient, oat-filled treats can be a great way to ensure they get their fill. 

Bounce and Bella Grain Free Dog Treats

On the other hand, if they already get their fibre content elsewhere, these dog treats are great for buying in bulk, with 800grams for every bag, meaning you get about 100 days’ worth of whole food ingredients. 

The Innocent Hound Sliced Duck Sausage

Treats can be a good way to help your dogs ensure they’re getting the protein content their diet very much needs, and there are few ways to make a good boy or girl feel fancier than with chunks of 80% duck meat sausage with added cranberries, which can help digestive health. 

Billy and Margot Popcorn for Dogs

Amongst the most affordable gourmet dog treats we’ve seen, though you do only get a small amount for each pack. Still great for those dogs always sniffing around your popcorn, as they lack the butter, sugar, salt, and oil you found in regular popcorn. 

Organix Cheddar Cheese Flavour Treats

Plenty of dogs will hang around a plate of cheese, just waiting for you to throw them a piece. These cheese flavoured treats are much easier on their stomachs, and primarily made of chicken, peas, and rice, so they’re a great way to indulge your pup. 

Best Bully Sticks Prime Cow Ear Dog Treat

If you want something that they’ll chew over rather than wolf down, cow ears aren’t just tasty, but they’re incredibly chewy. No need to worry about how they go down, however, they are fully digestible. 

Pedigree Jumbone Treat

A favourite amongst downs and owners, not only are these treats long lasting, they are free from artificial ingredients, with less than 2 percent fat, and full of Omega 3, an essential ingredient for healthy gods. 

Hopefully, the above treats give you some ideas on how to make sure you treat your dog right with the right treats. Of course, you should look a little further into the ingredients of those that catch your interest and make sure it fits their diet.